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Education Programs & Training

FARECheck is an enhanced training and review program in food handling and safety practices to help keep food-allergic individuals safe and included when dining out.
377% increase
in emergency treatment of diagnosed anaphylactic reactions to food in ten years
85 Million Americans
are impacted by food allergies and intolerances, including 33 million who have a potentially life-threatening condition
Almost 30%
of food allergy reactions reported to the FARE Patient Registry occurred while dining out

Dining Out With Food Allergies

Eating outside the home can create added risk and anxiety for anyone with food allergies, because even a trace of the wrong food can cause a potentially life-threatening reaction. 
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FARECheck Food Safety Training and Review Program

As the leading non-profit in food allergy research, education and advocacy, FARE developed the FARECheck program to create a safer environment for this growing community of diners and help food service establishments reduce the risks associated with accidental exposure to food allergens. On-demand and instructor-led training options are currently available for establishments of any size, with courses customized for select food service industries like restaurants, catering and higher education.
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FARE Recognition for Locations Going Above and Beyond!

FARE provides locations an opportunity to enhance their food allergy safety practices by offering on-demand or instructor-led training for staff, on-site kitchen auditing and a comprehensive food allergy policy review. To learn more about each level of recognition, select the logo below.
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FARECheck Trained 

Awarded when an individual staff member has completed on-demand or instructor-led training provided by FARE or a third-party allergen training program reviewed and approved by FARE
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 FARECheck Silver

Awarded when a food establishment reports at least 90 percent of the workforce has been trained in food allergy safety
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 FARECheck Gold 

Awarded when, in addition to achieving FARECheck Silver status, food establishments also undergo a food service policy review and an annual onsite audit with MenuTrinfo
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FARECheck Reach

Whether you are looking for a location near you that utilizes FARECheck Training, or are interested to see the FARECheck Training’s reach, this map is a great place to start! Check out locations in your area.
To participate in FARECheck or learn more about the benefits of the program

Miami Dolphins and FARE Team Up

 Open First Sports Venue with FARECheck Certified Kitchen

FARE has partnered with the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium to launch the first FARECheck-certified kitchen. In addition to offering allergy-friendly options that will be served throughout the stadium, the kitchen staff will be fully trained on safe food allergen handling procedures to allow sports fans and concert-goers to dine with confidence and without fear of cross-contact or accidental exposure to their allergens. "We spent a great deal of time evaluating the in-stadium experience for the 2021 season and working with FARE will help service our fans and raise awareness on food allergies” -Jeremy Walls, Senior Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer of Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium Learn More

Duke University Awarded FARECheck Gold!

In 2022, Duke Dining reached out to FARE as a partner to improve safety on campus for students with food allergies. Since then, over 115 Duke staff members have been trained on food allergy safety using the FARECheck Training. FARE awarded Duke Dining with  FARECheck Gold for Marketplace and Trinity Cafe. 
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FARE Launches New Partnership With MenuTrinfo

To better support a shared mission to protect the lives and health of the food allergy community, MenuTrinfo® and Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) are partnering to provide best-in-class training and auditing to the food service industry.

FARECheck Case Studies

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FARE has expanded FARECheck, its program of foodservice training in food allergen safety, and has announced the program’s first partnership with Sodexo, a leading provider of catering, hospitality and food retail services. The expanded FARECheck program now includes multiple levels of recognition based on new safety and review standards. Sodexo, which serves more than 100 million people each day, has committed to become FARECheck’s first Gold-tier partner.
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In support of their customers with food allergies and other dietary restrictions, Compass Group was the first in the food service industry to have its allergen management training courses reviewed and certified by FARE. Based in Charlotte, NC, Compass Group is a family of companies delivering the best in food, hospitality and support services. Compass has met FARECheck Silver standards for 5 years.
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FARECheck Instructor Training (FIT)

FIT is designed for foodservice professionals working in educational settings from pre-K through college. FARE recently expanded this training to other food service locations, including soup kitchens and hospitals. Those who successfully complete FIT will become FARE-recognized instructors and eligible to deliver FARE-developed training to their foodservice staff. The next session is not scheduled at this time, please reach out to for more information.
ANAB Compliance

FARECheck Current Clients

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